How Much To Feed A Pig

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How Much To Feed A Pig


You are very interested in keeping pigs, especially now that you have more time in your hands after you have retired from work. You already have the right space and ideas about where to get the animals and what kind of documents you should have in order to start your piggery. Now that you are more focused and serious in getting things done, you begin to wonder how much to feed a pig.


Pigs need to be given sufficient nutrition in order to become strong, big, healthy, and happy. The main point about how much to feed a pig is the same concept just like how humans eat.

The amount of food and nutrients that pigs must be supplied with will depend on the animal’s size, age, weight and gender. You also have to take into consideration in deciding how much to feed a pig the time of the year and the condition of the environment where the animals are trying to thrive. For example, pigs will consume fewer foods during the summer months than how much they will eat during winter time. They intend to act this way even though you would want them to consume similar amount of food no matter what the season is.


The other important thing that you have to remember about how much to feed a pig is that this can be done once a day.

It is allowable though that you feed them twice if you are trying to fatten up the animals fast so that they will reach a specific weight within the duration that you have set.


The food must be the type that contains low fiber and high in energy and protein content.

Aside from the usual pellets, mush and goat’s milk, you can also allow your pigs to have a few snacks every once in a while. These animals like peaches, apples and other fruits. They also enjoy vanilla wafers treats and even ice cream. It is not advisable to over feed these animals. In cases like this, you can try to walk them on a leash to help them get some exercise to get rid of the unwanted weight.

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