Pig Rearing Ideas For Small Time Farmers

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Pig Rearing Ideas For Small Time Farmers


You have always wanted to lead a simple life in the province and raise your own food. You are slowly accomplishing such a feat because you now how chickens and cows on your own farm. The next thing that you are eyeing on is to learn more about pig rearing. You want to start by raising pigs for food, but eventually, you aim to make a profitable business out of this.


This is the reason why you are very persistent in knowing everything that you can get your hands on about pig rearing.

All the information that you are gathering about pig rearing actually get you more excited about the venture. You already have learned that pigs are intelligent animals, so must pay extra attention of their housing and the fencing that you need to enclose it with. This way, you won’t lose them easily. It is also uplifting to know that pigs are generally clean animals. They don’t defecate and urinate on what they consider as their sleeping quarters. You have to give them space where they can do these activities. You also have to make sure that they area where they will nest is always dry and there is sufficient hay in it at all times.


For the basic of raising pigs purpose, the shelter must be big enough for the animals to be able to roam even when they get bigger. Aside from the bedding, the area must have a feeder and water trough and you need to give them space that will serve as the bathroom.

If you aim to get your pigs reach the weight of 200 pounds, you need to allot about 700 pounds of food for each pig. For starters, you can begin by caring for two pigs to give them competition when it comes to food. This way, each one will be engaged to eat and this will help them become bigger at a faster rate.


Pigs also love treats every once in a while.

You can give the animals fruits or vanilla wafers as snacks. You just have to make sure that they aren’t overfed, or else you have to exert effort in walking them on a leash to help them get rid of the excess weight that they have gained.

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