Types of Pig Housing Tips

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Types of Pig Housing Tips


A piggery is not complete without the pig housing, the place where the pigs are huddled together and kept. They may be locked up in different pens, either individually or by small groups, depending on the availability of space. This is where they live, eat, breed and sleep. Therefore, much is to be expected from the pig housing.

First, it should be clean. Usually the pig housing is situated in a high place where the flooring is made of loose bamboo strips allowing for the pig wastes to drop on a sewer down below. This is to control the amount of dirt to be cleaned on the housing itself. Most of the cleaning will have to be done below, which is not really clever considering that you will clean it while a number of pigs are above you, waiting to drop a new set of wastes.

The pigs are also strong, with their bulky built and strong muscles. This requires for pig housing to be strong in able to hold them in. Some housing that is situated at ground level is made of cement and solid bearings so that the pigs cannot escape from it or be able to bring it down. The housing is put to the test when pigs are agitated, either by each other or by others. Cemented housing is not ideal for elevated pig pens because these are heavy.


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The kind of pig housing needs to be fit into the surroundings where it is situated if you plan on keeping pigs successfully. For instance, it has to maintain a certain number of feet from the water server so that the water is not made impure by the waste from the pens. It also has to be far from other households because of the smell it emits due to accumulated wastes.

You can ask others to help in building your pig housing, but if you are starting small you can do it on your own. If the environment permits, make enough room for more pigs because you are going to breed them. You do not want them to be crammed together and uncomfortable in their places if their number increases. Also make sure that the water irrigation system has an outlet that will not cause any issue with the government and the community. The pig housing can be made in any way you want it provided that it can shelter the pigs, protect them from any harm, allow them breathing and sleeping room, and ventilates them. Pigs also have these needs, just like humans do.

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